Fusilli is a spiral-shaped pasta, which is formed into a corkscrew kind of shape. Here at Rocco, we make sure all our Fusilli pasta is similar sizes and shapes. The term ‘Fusilli’ is commonly known as Rotini in the United States because of its short and twisted shapes.

So instead of travelling out to the US, why not purchase a pack of Rocco Fusilli now. We promise complete goodness and quality from every mouthful you taste. Fusilli belongs to the short, straight cut family of pasta, in comparison to other types.  Made from the best dough out there, Fusilli pasta will be the ultimate dish for any occasion. The pasta is particularly good with any types of meats and fish-based sauces like a rich tomato sauce pasta bake recipe. The shape of the pasta, with the twists and spirals makes a great holding for rich chunky pasta sauces.

Fusilli Pasta was first introduced in the heart of Italy, when each pasta shape was made by hand according to method that would be passed down from one family member to another. The process involved rapidly twisting spaghetti strands around a knitting needle. This is where the term ‘fusillo’ comes from ‘fuso’ which means (“spindle”), by pressing and rolling strips of pasta, then spinning them into a corkscrew shape.

For a delicious dinner, Fusilli shaped pasta will be great for any kind of recipe in the kitchen with its unique texture type. Grab your 500g of Fusilli pasta now!

Energy value and nutrients in 100g of dry pasta:

Energy per (KJ)/ 100g: 1526

                     (Kcal)/ 100g: 360

Fat (g): 1.4

including Saturated fatty acids (g): 0.4

Carbohydrate (g): 74

including Sugars (g): 2.4

Protein (g): 11

Salt (g): 0.01

Store in a cool & dry place

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