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Pasta Per Tutti ‘pasta for everyone’ is our Rocco Pasta range



Penne pasta is known for its distinctive short tubular pasta shape cut on an angle. Penne Pasta can come smooth or ridged dependent on brand, but here at Rocco we care about our products and can assure you all our pasta is excellent quality. Our Penne pasta comes in a white plastic packaging, where straight away you can see the quality within the pasta before even sampling it.



Fusilli is a spiral-shaped pasta, which is formed into a corkscrew kind of shape. Here at Rocco, we make sure all our Fusilli pasta is similar sizes and shapes. The term ‘Fusilli’ is commonly known as Rotini in the United States because of its short and twisted shapes.



The most well-known pasta on the globe, ‘Spaghetti’ is known for its long, thin cylindrical noodle shape. Originated in Italy, like other pasta, Spaghetti is made with two simple ingredients, milled wheat, and water, sometimes with vitamins or minerals. Here at Rocco, we make sure we have the best quality spaghetti out there.

Dedicated to support charities with donations from profits and product.


ROC CO Brand

We launched in 2020, the ROC Co brand was born.

We aim to establish ourselves with one simple goal… to be a brand that gives back and helps. We’re a brand that is affordable for everyone, and we give back by supporting the charities that helped us when we were in need.

Charity Statement

ROC Co Brands Ltd are proudly supporting NHS Charities Together, Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House Charities UK. We plan to support with donations from profits and product. Check out our story at:
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